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Welcome to the Author's Studio
a place for original imagination to run wild

This is a place meant for writers of all shapes and sizes to come together and work on fiction/non-fiction/poetry and anything else you can think of. We're here for support, constructive criticism, practice and becoming better writers.

We've gotten the premise of challanges from various fandom based writing communities such as fandom_muses, licenseartistic & theatrical_muse but we aren't affiliated with any of them.

Please note that this is NOT a fandom writing community. All stories/responses are original idea's written solely from the Author's head. Which means, all entires will be Friends Only. Should the writer choose to post their work somewhere else, that is their perogative.


1. We require an application of original work. All Applications will be judged and voted on by three moderators. At least two of the three must approve the application. All applications should be sent to as.mods@gmail.com; Application specifics can be found here. We will review and respond to applications every two weeks, notifications will be sent out as promptly as possible. Should you're application be declined we encourage you to work on it again and resubmit. [Applications will be judged on; Originality, Consistancy, Style, Flow & Grammer.]**

2. You are welcome to use either your personal journal to post with or you may make a new one, just be sure to let us know which you plan to use.

3. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday in the month we will post a challange question/prompt and our members will post their responses in the community authorsstudio. [Not Linked to another journal] ALL RESPONSES MUST BE FRIENDS ONLY & Under a LJ Cut if length requires it.

4. You are not limited in the number of challange responses you write, however, please post them all in the same post and under a cut. All short stories must be a minimum of 500 words, while poetry has no limit. (But please don't skimp for the sake of skimping)

5. You are required to answer one challange a month; in otherwords you must post once a month. People have lives, if we're aware of situations beyond your control, we will obviously make allowances for them.

6. Respect your fellow writers, Criticism should not be given unless it's asked for; constructive criticism is the only kind that will be tolerated otherwise you will be removed and banned from the community. If we find that you have plagerized any material from any source but your own head you will be removed and banned from the community.

7. When you post your intellectual property (ie - responses) it's wise to Include your Name (c) and the date (the year will do). This is for copyright purposes - we're not completely sure if it would stand up but we want to take as many precautions as possible.

8. All Mod Announcements will be posted in as_admin along with a list of members and anything we deem important. Please Friend this community.

9. authorsmusings Is a community where all writers are welcome to introduce themselves, post stories (Friends Only is reccomended) that are not the result of a challange and give each other tips and resources on getting published.

The Moderators Reserve the right to Decline any Application.

Who are our Moderators?
Ginni - atomic_eyes atomic_eyes@livejournal.com
Terri - tdsnow tdsnow@livejournal.com
Heidi - thiswholeflight duckytears@livejournal.com

The FAQ.
Member List.
Application Information.

**Disclaimer** - We are not professional writers (yet), we are just looking for a certain standard of writing and it's honestly just at our discretion. It's not meant to be elitist or anything like that. We just want to preserve a standard of writing among our community. [And yes, even our friends have to apply]