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Author's Studio

October 14th, 2009

Welcome New Member

Dave and Ginni
Welcome snowlibra, we are glad to have you! Most of us also write in the Scifi genre.

We started this community several years ago and there wasn't any interest, hopefully with a new member we'll get this restarted.

For the time being, the application process is waved. Anyone joining should post with the current prompts. I will change the prompts before the end of this month.

We recommend members put a copyright and date/time stamp on all work.

July 22nd, 2006

Author: atomic_eyes
Title: Friday's
Prompt: [First Sentence] She hated Friday's with every fiber of her being.
Word Count: 1,298
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Adult Themes (death, suicide, depression)

She hated Friday’s with every fiber of her being. When she was a small child it was her favorite day, her parents would scoop her up from wherever they’d left her for the day – a friends, the nanny’s, the park – and they’d go get ice cream and drive in her father’s silly little convertible with the top down singing to music she didn’t even begin to understand. She remembers every morning, before the concept of time really swept in and took hold, she’d tug on her nanny’s skirt and look up at her with doe eyes and ask “Is it Friday yet?”. Obviously the answer was usually no, but everyday she asked anyway and her nanny was patient with her; far to wise for the little girls sake.

Friday’s had always been the one day that she was guaranteed to spend with her parents. It was the day out of the whole week when they put aside clients and work and spent time with her.
The divorce was final on a Friday.Collapse )

July 21st, 2006

Author: ourlovewasepic
Title: Wait
Challenge: Lyric - "Duncan" by Sarah Slean
Words: 851

When he'd seen his birthday - November 21st - listed across the thirteen inch television set, he hadn't been surprised. The odds had been what? One in three hundred sixty five? They would have eventually gotten to him whether it be sooner or later. It had only been sooner.

Maybe he had wished it bothered him more, but Duncan had learned to roll with the punches - so to speak. He hated that phrase, but inevitably was a person who used phrases like that despite the patience to stand it when others spoke such ways. That went on his internal list of things he hated about himself (nixing cliche phrases, it was the fact that he was a goddamn hypocrite). It was only his innate ability to be quiet and to stay quiet.

Silence, he had learned, was safety.

Anything other than silence invited strangers in.Collapse )
Challenge: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words.
Word Count: 1,011


Thoughts of him drifted through my mind. Thoughts of, why? What if? Where would he be now? Could I have done more? The thoughts overcame me often, but more so, whenever I looked at the picture.

The wilderness was his realm, his domain, and his home.Collapse )
Challenge prompt: satellite, fiddle, coffee
Word Count: 1,813

Slowly, Sally’s index finger traced the top of the half-empty glass, circling in that lazy motion that soon would be replaced by the quiet tapping of that same finger, as its manicured tip repeatedly hit the table-top. She was indifferent.

It was as if she had been bored, all of her life, in the quiet town she’d called home, for as many years as she could remember.

Scrunching her nose, as she heard the cook’s familiar, “Order up,” in that nasal southern twang, defining Bubba as much as his name, his words rang out from the back. Rose, looking wilted in her waitress uniform, waited for the plastic hospital-green plate to slide down the counter.

The pretty brunette sat in her usual booth watching it all as she had everyday at this same time, well since summer had begun, Sally was a creature or habit, but that was about to change. Sipping on the Martian straw, the last of her water made its way up the green funnel to her mouth. Tourists were forever taking those green alien-headed straws off the tables to keep as souvenirs.

'Coffee dear?'Collapse )

June 6th, 2010

(no subject)

Allison Argent - huntress
Welcome to the Author's Studio

All posts in this community are Friends Only. You must be an accepted member to view them. For more information about joining please take a look at our application process here.

Each of the four founding members is sharing an example, using one of the original challenge prompts. Using different prompts theses examples have been made public, as a reference for applicants. Only these four examples may be read by the general public, all other challenges, work and submissions are friends only.

None are perfect, nor are the meant to be.
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